4 January 2015 – Folding Picasso LIFE CLASS at the Hornbeam Cafe: STUDENTS’ ARTWORK

On Sunday 4 January, 2015 Picasso’s sculptural paintings, sculpted drawings (from card to concrete) inspired a full class to explore Clement Greenberg’s assertion that

Braque and Picasso were … crucially concerned, in and through Cubism, with obtaining sculptural results by strictly non-sculptural means; that is, with finding for every aspect of three-dimensional vision an explicitly two-dimensional equivalent … Painting had to spell out, rather than pretend to deny, the physical fact that it was flat, even though at the same time it had to overcome this proclaimed flatness as an aesthetic fact and continue to report nature.’

Picasso said: ‘When I see Manet’s Lunch on the Grass I tell myself there is pain ahead’ and ‘Sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on a painting’.

Ian posed for us and this happened, perceivable despite my foggy photography and without the intermediate drawings around bendy rulers:





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