12 October 2014 – HEATH LIFE Drawing COURSE at the Hornbeam Cafe: STUDENTS’ ARTWORK

On Sunday 12th October, we looked at Claude Heath’s extraordinary experimental analytical and expressive drawings, made initially by touch while blindfolded, then by a trace of seeing, without ever looking at the paper – this second phase provided the basis for our methods on this course

Our first slide was this incredible rendering in virtually realised three dimensions by Claude Heath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aiydjDcCwQ indicating his ambition to find a way of making drawing exist in many dimensions ….
To enable our own ‘trace of seeing’ work, paper was taped securely to the underside of the drawing board, and a piece of white-tack was use to provide a anchor point for the drawing.
These quotes may have helped:
Frederick Gore:
Drawing is the discipline by which I constantly discover the world
Frederick Franck:
I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen…
There is often a disjunction between the images being shaped on the paper, the way I visualise them and the physical reality of the object itself. The disparity is healthy because it does not confine me to what I imagine, expect or desire to see. There is a need for me to keep my mind open and to frame questions in ways that do not close any doors.


By using coloured pencils and pens, highly concentrated information could be put into the drawing.

From William Hogarth’s book The Analysis of Beauty:

To get a solid sense of things, Hogarth recommends that we imagine them scooped out hollow, so that “nothing is left but a thin shell, exactly corresponding both in its inner and outer surface to the shape of the object itself; and let us likewise suppose this shell to be made up of very fine threads.

Suna and Phoebe made these wonderful drawings, every one without sight of the paper until afterwards. The last pair were drawn at the same time, using both hands, and were indicative of how good their concentration was and how their use of this process had become so finely tuned. Barrie the model, obligingly worked out his pose in mirror image so that they could refine their drawings a second time.

and simultaneously, their ultimate achievement:





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