Personal thoughts, as they occur while watching, making and considering art.

Click on one if you feel minded to do so, then you will be able to read a bit more about it and even add a comment ….

Artbite #1- painting is drawing in paint

Artbite #2 – narrative painting is no longer painting’s natural home

Artbite #3 – it is the studies, rather than the major works, that reveal everything

Artbite #4 – digital art is secondhand art

Artbite #5 – drawing is thinking, painting is making

Artbite #6 – it’s all about tone

Artbite #7 – paint oils in layers

Artbite #8 – commission & expression ….

Artbite #9 – don’t learn from your mistakes

Artbite #10 – copying the unintended …. 

Artbite #11 – if you draw something enough times ….



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