Islay in mind, blue

This is my chance to use that most miraculous of colours, the impossible mixed primary, a soft grey-blue, from magenta and viridian, released with white (afterwards).

Overlaid with Indian Yellow Orange … in a different studio, 5 months later.

IMG_2708The Islay series is based on drawings and paintings made in situ last August, renewed by a magical visit to the island this April. Rather than do a single drawing (barring a bit of temporary mischief on the glass window of the ferry on the way back) on the trip, I collected memories of colours.

Although there was much ochre and other earth colours, low-lighted by the rich dark gorse across the island, and the multitudinous colours of the sea(s) and sky, I saw some orange points against the soft blue of Jura. This is the impetus, although the new underpainting below will be predominately blue …


fullsizeoutput_6cc7the whole (about 50 x 50 cm)

fullsizeoutput_6cc9a detail of the cracked paint.


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