Simple recipe for a restorative breakfast (coffee included)

A hard week (car trouble) and the need to clear my fridge a bit led to this rather hearty breakfast – healthy and delicious:

conflated breakfast ready to eat

CONFLATED BREAKFAST (veg, bread, egg, coffee, beans all-in)

Serves 1 as brunch
INGREDIENTS (dropped in frying pan in this order, cooked until cooked)

Oil – enough olive oil, supplemented with coconut oil

Garlic- 3 smallish cloves

Mushroom –1 elderly but large

Chilli seeds – pinch

Kale – the last bits in a packet a dew days old

Pepper – ground 

Spinach – a droopy & damp bunch, but bought in the market yesterday

Mixed spice – pinch

Turmeric – not much

Seed mix – from the back of the store cupboard (Lidl)

Rye bread – 1 thin slice

Baked beans – about 1/3 can, found in the fridge

Coffee – I small cup of espresso (No 9 intense, Tesco) made in the Nespresso machine


Poached egg – 1, not sure what size – from mixed box, dropped into salted just-boiling water with a tsp of vinegar, then hob turned off.










4 thoughts on “Simple recipe for a restorative breakfast (coffee included)

  1. Making me feel hungry!! As for which drawing would make a good painting – what about Pages 4,7, 21. And I love your drawing ‘outside the surgery 3’ page 11. Think I find a painting more interesting if there are more than 1 figure. Sorry about your car – hope it’s going ok now. Hope all else is going well, Love Penny Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:34:57 +0000 To:

  2. Brilliant!!! I love the ‘cook until cooked’and I feel like the mushroom. Have a very happy Easter. Love from Tats.x

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Dear Jonathan, Have you got room for one more small one on April 8th? It would be good to see you. Have a happy Easter. Love Tats.

    Sent from my iPad


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