Keith Vaughan

Still researching the upcoming life class on Vaughan …
Some of his journal writing really resonates ….

‘The strange thing about a retrospective exhibition of some twenty years’ work – at least for the artist – is the appearance of an orderly planned progression, as though the whole thing had been planned from the start. Whereas at the time each painting was just another attempt to solve the same problem.
The result in each case defined the limits of one’s ability, not the measure of one’s intentions.

The problem, my problem, is to find an image which renders the tactile presence of a human being without resorting to the classical techniques of anatomical paraphrase. To create a figure without any special identity (either of number or gender) which is unmistakeably human: imaginative without being imaginary.’

The first paragraph is immensely reassuring.

The second is the resonance.

Model on mattress linocut

JONATHAN ELLIS Model on mattress linocut


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