My KEITH VAUGHAN Life Class took place on WEDNESDAY June 25 in the historic setting of the London Sketch Club in Dilke Street. I have been avidly reading Keith Vaughan’s Journals and collecting images, as well as a male model for the class. It was all about finding order from dynamic and exploratory drawings, using Vaughan’s overlaid line drawings to inform our own work. Most of this exciting day was spent working in painted colour directly from the posing figure.

A really successful day, spent drawing and painting from a committed and agile model, Richard.

Looking hard at Keith Vaughan’s male studies in pencil and paint, and asking Richard to pose a dozen times (and to remember each one) provided ideas.

For the exploratory drawings which were such a success today, the artists used tone for a single figure composition, preparing a painting surface with black acrylic paint over a pale ground.

After that, ambitious and revelatory compositions emerged from overlaid line drawings.

A Vaughan palette was mixed, developed from a new colour triangle of Blues, Violet and Ochre.

Essential ideas underpinned all the work:

The nature of space in painting.

The use of sometimes ambiguous, yet always compelling multiple figures, either facing or away from the viewer was a favourite Vaughan device.

HIs stated aim, to represent the tactile presence of a figure without resorting to classiclal techniques of anatomical paraphrase, led us to explore imaginative solutions (never imaginary).

You can see the results here:


PLEASE SIGN UP for the next Life Class (painted paper) below:

Jonathan Ellis flyer Life class LSK


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