Works from Albert Bridge & Battersea Power Station

Here are two drawings of Albert Bridge – there is a more ‘finished’ painting which was a commission I haven’t posted, just waiting to make sure the owner doesn’t mind (painted as a gift) ….



also, Battersea Power Station …. in various guises

Battersea Power Station, from the Park March 2014







3 thoughts on “Works from Albert Bridge & Battersea Power Station

  1. Well done – I really like these landscapes – think you should do more – may we see the oil paintings you have done from these and other drawings? I had 4 days painting last week with friends here in my studio. It was good to think of nothing else for a while – but painting is nearly always several steps forward and then nearly as many back! I have definitely been inspired by Miles Richmond – the Messums catalogue is very good. Just would like more time to paint. Penny

    1. thanks Penny – I haven’t posted the commissioned painting of the bridge yet, as I haven’t heard back from the lady who ordered it about whether it’s a secret present yet …. will be brave soon.
      So glad you’ve been painting!

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