painting in progress 31 May 2014

painting canvases black, or near-black , has been at the heart of my desire to make lines ‘out-of-paint’, i.e. in-between paint, from drawings. The immediacy and out-of-time quality of drawing, although it depends on memory (both mine and yours) attempts to cross the divide between pencil and paint.

So far so present, and yet ….

Driving yesterday, thinking about chiaroscuro and a lovely maybe-Rembrandt in the vaults of the National Gallery, below

Probably a Rembrandt?

Probably a Rembrandt?

it was evident that tone might be as a good a place to start as line. I’ve often opined casually that so many paintings depend on tonal clarity to be readable at all. Perhaps if I can sort out the tone, starting from a black ground, using the same essential approach as I have been using while pinching lines in white paint, then painting colour freshly and vigorously over dried black and white paint (I’ve been here before, below, tho’ the monoprint is black over colour):



Vaughan Palette: LIfe Class study

Vaughan Palette: Life Class study

RA Life Class over black with study

RA Life Class over black with study

might yield a reward of brushwork and printmakerly nous ….. first early days:

IMG_6443 - Version 2 IMG_6443 - Version 3


must keep going ….


2 thoughts on “painting in progress 31 May 2014

  1. Thank you and keep going! I was really inspired last week – I went to see the Miles Richmond exhibition at Messums – hadn’t heard of him before – he was a student of Bomberg and then taught with him. Really liked his paintings from the 70s. Catalogue is good but being in front of the paintings was very special.

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