‘The longer the time between an artwork’s fleshy making and our experience of it, the harder it is to feel that pulse of life in it’
This is so well put! I would never accuse Jonathan Jones of prurience because he is aware of the sexual nature of so much art – in fact I believe he’s spot on.
In addition, John Berger wrote something to the effect that that the essential difference between painting and drawing is that painting is inevitably of its time, while drawing is more likely to appear to have been just made.
With both these points in mind, I am trying to make paintings of naked people that are truthful about the body without being too specific in terms of sexuality or indeed race, by removing colour initially (more like drawing?) as befits the ideals (at least) of our contemporary society.
It is so interesting to paint nudes in this way (for me at least) partly because for me it is a technical exercise to do with transposing the nature of the drawn line into paint. In terms of your perceptive comments about the truism of the inevitable relevance of an artist’s own sexuality to his or her work, all I can say is that I have found the need to suppress eroticism in my paintings – an attempt at even-handedness to both sexes and all cultures.
I’m not sure if I’ve removed too many of the reasons either for people to look at the work, or for it to have any resonance, but my intention is to make work that is acceptable in our global village, without being simply pattern or recording.



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