6 March 2013: on working in the studio … day 46

Back to The Prince’s Drawing School for another Life Class with John Lessore ….

He described my use of repeated lines as a nervous tic and found it threatened the luminosity of the paper:


so I responded with a tonal study – ‘it’s all trial and error’ he said cheerfully.


having previously tried to draw straight onto canvas boards …


after some sketchbook work …

IMG_3262 IMG_3261 IMG_3259

He is an inspiring and generous teacher, who was very helpful about the structure of the head and helping us to understand the difference between contrapost0 (weight on one leg and the subsequent 14 degree tilt of the hips) and post0 (weight on both legs).


3 thoughts on “6 March 2013: on working in the studio … day 46

  1. Hi Jonathan – time is going so quickly! I expect your time in London will be coming to an end soon – wonder if you are too busy to send your blogs anymore – haven’t heard from you for too long – I really enjoyed the idea of using rollers – have been using them the last two days in my studio – on paper – was very liberating.
    best wishes Penny

      1. Well – that’s a surprise – do hope you are happy about new job – but please tell me more – where will you be working and are you still in London – when does new job start – so many questions!!!

        Will you be having an exhibition to show the work you have been doing while in London?

        Just hope you are all well and happy – I expect life has been a bit stressful for you with so much happening. All love Penny


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