28 February 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 43

St Hilda’s East. Usually a very fulfilling day, but with Martin’s exhortations about the structure of the body (put the arms in last …) ringing in my ears, I felt my portfolio of St Hilda’s East drawings are sometimes lacking in formal ability – perhaps why the painting is so static? Also the number of users available was a bit down on the norm.

I’ve agreed with Pascaline and Gloria (another Gloria) to draw and finish them respectively next week.

Had a very interesting chat with Arlan and Jebedah about whether I would be allowed to draw Jebedah under Muslim guidelines. No.

My painted Bengali Brick Lane pattern, chosen because it is outside a mosque, turns out to be a Judao-Christian motif as the mosque used to be a synagogue.

a chair

a chair

I am very grateful to Beverley, Veronica and Gloria for sitting today.

After a cycle the wrong way down Brick Lane to look at the patterns and the synagogue, I ended up at the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, among others, where I met the rather charming Richard T Walker, before he performed his piece, using guitar, Phillips-type tape recorder and mike, in front of three state-of-the-art screens on which was playing the same instruments and drums in a wild west landscape. Rather effective and all of his ideas and technical skills chimed in harmony.


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