13 & 14 February 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … days 31 and 32

Wednesday: gallery day. After pondering whether it might be possible to construct a template for pertinent research into an artist’s work and life, which picks up the Albers idea of theory following practice. Made some notes and might yet be able to develop something.

Met a small group from St Hilda’s at the Whitechapel, guided by Daniel Lehan and discussed the Penone at length and watched some Gerard Byrne film, tranposing actual transcripts of meetings into acted scenes. His photographs of a stretch of Irish roadside, theatrically lit in his search for a suitable setting for Waiting for Godot were beautiful.After the Whitechapel, I went on a a gallery hunt and found the Rivington Street gallery, where I saw Peter Clarke’s linocuts, collages and paintings, a mixed show at the Cock and Bull and a handful of other galleries …

Thursday: Pushed on with St Hilda’s drawings ….

Pat at St Hilda’s, still unfinished ….


Stanley at St HIlda’s


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