12 February 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 30

Had a reasonably productive day in the studio after some desultory research into Kurt Schwittters.
Some painting fundamentals became a little clearer – ideas are gradually emerging from the fog much like my imagery does from inside a painting. The difference between being on a painting spree rather than trying to make things ‘at weekends’  is that the work can grow in ‘real time’, so as underpainting is ready to paint over (dry!) I can still remember why I put it down, or at least I have at least three things to try out on it.

Painted a new life class over another area of black canvas – I tried reproducing each felt-tip line in oil paint, hard going, but it might yield something. After that I picked up a dry, quite glossy, painting of tertiary bars painted a couple of weeks ago and worked over it with a tonal range  … had a very enjoyable time (see below)  – tomorrow will tell. I was essentially doing something very like monoprinting over prepared paper.


RA School Life Class painting 12 feb ... unfinished

RA School Life Class painting 12 feb … unfinished

Emboldened by this, I made four more large underpaintings, responding directly to the colours in the Hackney shots, so that I can do some more monoprinting in oil paint on my return from the last part of half term next Monday. Also two more for wall pieces …


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