27 January 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 18

Five hours in the studio, largely spent finishing painting this life class in white onto black canvas, trying to respond to the original quality of the pencil drawing. This time, returning to the painting, I was able to handle the paint a little more loosely, as it became apparent that rather than trying to transpose the drawing onto this large surface, it was much more satisfying to recreate the act of drawing with freedom, with the brush, knife and back of the knife to scratch into the paint. I hope that this is more lively in the ‘flesh’ than in reproduction:

painting in white

painting in white

Then in an accidental duplication, I painted a natural canvas on the wall in white primer … ready for tomorrow, so spent the day painting with white only, once with brushstrokes to the fore and then with a roller (the familiar house-painter’s spattered overalls and hands are proof).


3 thoughts on “27 January 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 18

  1. Brilliant stuff! I have sent your blog details to a good number of friends this evening. Have you plans for an exhibition?

    1. Dear Stephen, muchos for kind comment on blog – as for exhibiting this stuff: I’m pretending I haven’t, so that I can explore my leads without playing to the gallery (boom boom) – also, no.

      Yours j

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