21 January 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 12

Back from snowy Cheltenham, into the studio, where I put 5 metres of black canvas up, before heading to Cork Street and the RA life class. I think I have laid the first bricks of a wall for me to run into soon. The canvas looks daunting, prompting thoughts about how I might ever finish anything;

Never mind Giacometti saying: ‘it’s impossible to ever really finish anything’, i will have to focus on Van Gogh’s reassurance (to himself?) from Day 1’s blog:

“That is how I look at it: to continue, to continue, that is what is necessary. But you ask ‘what is your definite aim?’ That aim becomes more definite, will stand out slowly and surely, just as the rough draft becomes a picture, little by little, by working seriously on it, by pondering over the idea, vague at first, over the thought that it was fleeting and passing, until it gets … fixed”
Had a rare fulfilling wander down Cork Street (I know, I know) after visiting Mariko Mori in the Burlington Gardens RA gallery. It was beautifully curated, but the work seemed rather empty.

In Cork Street, Ifound Victoria Crowe, Peter Doig, Blackadder and Uglow in Browse and Darby and it was good to see them.

The Flowers Gallery was inordinately helpful, bearing in mind the huge black canvas awaiting my return to the studio. It is showing huge photographs by the wonderful and recommended Nadav Kander, who has covered his nude subjects with ground marble dust, somehow evoking Michelangelo and Lucien Freud at the same time. The figures all glow against rich black backgrounds. I almost become a teacher again for a minute, finding a Burtysnky print downstairs in the Flowers for Rupali and an amazing HItchens for Willa …

The Life class, ably run by Russell, yielded some studies followed by 3 drawings on black paper – alas only 30 minutes for each pose, so I ‘m not sure there’s enough there to paint from.

Day 8 RA School Life Class

Day 8 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class

Day 13 RA School Life Class


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