16 January 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 10

Wednesday …

Cold today in the studio, so the sized canvas hasn’t dried.

Revisited the tree painting, trying to settle it down with opaque white., not very successfully. This is a detail:


Used a palette snitched from Degas: Combing The Hair to rework the Life Class Painting from yesterday. While researching this, I found that he had intended to make the painting bigger as he took it off its stretcher and re-stretched it onto one 7cm larger. He never got around to altering it and it has now been returned to its original size. This did remind me that I am going to use the large studio walls to pin up the canvas rolls (when they arrive …) and make exact compositional decisions after painting – think Pierre Bonnard and his marvellous cropping which he apparently arrived at by this method. Degas’ palette essentially uses 3 rich reds and (bravely for me) pale pink, pale blue, green and mauve:


and scraped down the painting and worked on it.

here’s a detail:


Even though yesterday’s attempt was a bit confused, I still achieved an ‘oh no’ feeling when scraping it down, to make it more pleasing when it doesn’t look worse. In fact the new black strokes feel better, less forced and easier to read.


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