10 January 2013: dear London, on working in the studio … day 4

day 4 palette Jonathan Ellis

day 4 palette

I mixed a palette today, from the usual suspects: Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Cobalt Blue & Black (all from yesterday’s simple palette) and Yellow Ochre, Magenta, Alizarin Crimson and Viridian.

I decided on a self-defeating cancelling range, essentially adding 3 greens (Viridian alone, Cobalt/Cad Yellow and Cobalt/Yellow Ochre) to 3 reds (Magenta, Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Red). I got 9 tertiaries which, on further inspection (adding White) yielded:

Blue-Grey, from Crimson/VIridianBlue, from Magenta and Viridian (it worked REALLY well, Willa)


Grey from Cadmium Red/Viridian


Cadmium Red/Cadmium Yellow/Cobalt Blue gave me a lovely Ochre

Crimson/Cadmium Yellow/Cobalt Blue gave me a Green-Grey

Cadmium Red/Yellow Ochre/Cobalt/Blue gave me an Orange/Brown

Magenta/Yellow Ochre/Cobalt Blue gave me a Violet/Grey

The last two possible combinations ended up as spare Greys.

Naturally Titanium White was needed in each mix.

I didn’t start down the usual path of categorizing into Warm/Cool, Dark/Light and Bright/Dulll but was content with the inherent harmony of the range:

3-5 blues





(red is only implied)

The painting wasn’t great to be honest – I know that I need to put the Gorky discovery into action. Painting from drawings is fine/essential, if I actually have something to explore.

Tomorrow, I’m going to set myself a more formal course and try to start with a drawing that actually might lead somewhere.

I did have some success finding places to use some of these colours on the three extant paintings …


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