back to the beginning

back to the beginning

An old friend in the British Museum


5 thoughts on “back to the beginning

  1. It is really lovely to hear from you and I do wish you well with your term of painting – I’m sure you must have so much whirring round your mind (I would) – it must be strange for you to have time to think about your own work. I do hope you will send us your paintings as they go through all the stages – most painters have very frustating times -and if you are going to do the blog I think you should be brave and share the progress with us! Whether it has been a good day or a shocker!
    I do hope you will be able to go home at weekends – I hate the idea of you being separated from Jenny.
    Tomorrow is the first day back in my studio with my girlfriends – all Robin students -Fifi Charrington, Elsa Taylor and Tor Gamboroni. We meet on Wednesdays. We all paint very differently but have Robin as our common denominater (spelling?). Wednesdays are the highlight of my life.
    Good luck Jonathan – I will enjoy hearing from you – love Penny

  2. Hi there – thank you for sending your news AND drawings and paintings – really enjoyed reading it all – I find it inspiring – thank you for changing your mind and including the paintings – makes the blog much more interesting. I like the new photo of yourself! I am finding your way of investigating the subjects really interesting – do you have a particular subject matter that you are going to concentrate on in the weeks to come – figure – landscape – still life – more or less colour – more or less abstract – more or less texture/collage surface.
    Can you send the blog a little more often rather than saving it up for so many days? I have got slight cabin fever here – more snow again last night and friends can’t get here today to paint.
    Must go and clean flat for holiday guests arriving tomorrow. Lots of love and look forward to next blog. Penny

    1. Hi Penny

      thank you for your interest!

      the answer about the subject question is at the heart of it all – I think that working in the studio is the end in itself in most ways, but it does leave me in one of those circles where consequently the paint itself is the object, but I do sometimes (quite often) find it hard to achieve the necessary tension without the tyranny of the subect!

      Bacon: ‘the trouble with abstract art is that there is never any tension in it’


      I’ll put a bit of this in yesterday’s blog, very helpful!

      yours Jonathan

      1. Lovely to hear from you – I like your comments – painting isn’t easy!!! Just received a catalogue from the Paisnel Gallery of artist Jeremy Gardiner – I really like his work – spect you can google him if you don’t know him already.
        Looking forward to your next blog – have a good weekend. Love Penny

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